Small, wordy ads are not always as much fun as a full page community event notice. However, these ads surprised me. The top two ads are a result of recreating the provided information in the last two images. The use of borders, reverse, bolding, and multi-color makes the most important information in a wordy ad still stand out. When they pay for full color, use Full Color!

Moon Lake Electric, 3x6, 3.29.16Moon Lake Electric, 2x3, 3.29.16Moon LakeMoon lake notice

Many ads use large pre-made elements. This ad is unique as I used a single, simple diamond image to enhance the 60th anniversary theme. It had to come together quickly. I was so pleased the classy look in the end.

L&L, 7x16, 6.9.15.png

After reviewing the client’s headline, I was thrilled to make this ad a very retro look. The background reminded me almost exactly of my sister’s Caboodle!

September Harvest theme. I felt it was a little too early for pumpkins and cornucopias, and was so happy to find great pre-made apple elements. This is one of my favorite fall ads. I hope the slight change in a common theme caught many a reader’s eye.

Nielsens, 7x16, 9.15.15

This particular client usually sends an eclectic collection of small “ads” to fit together for their front page. I was particularly happy how the peppers tied this theme all together.

Basin Clean, 7x14, 7.15.14